A little Frederican Excitement

We had a little Frederican Excitement on Wednesday morning. I had a phone call from someone asking me if I saw the blue side by side over by the swamp. I looked out front and saw him getting up on the trail and then he nailed it and a load of firewood came tumbling out onto the trail. He turned the razor around and went back to load it up. My caller told me that they thought it was a stolen machine and that he had just taken the wood from a building straight across from my place on the back road. He got the wood loaded back up and went back to the building where the owner of it showed up and blocked him in and then the cops came rolling in. The razor was stolen the night before from Extreme and was brand new but this guy saw a need to not keep it bright red as it was originally and thought it would look better with custom spray painted wheels and body.. Needless to say the guy went to jail and Extreme sent a truck down to pick up their machine. You know the old saying you cant fix stupid.  Also this week around Grayling the road crews were out repairing all the sled crossings where they cross asphalt and putting whatever that hard white stuff is that they use for the winter. Its not concrete but  it does get pretty worn by the time winter is over. So that is about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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