a little dreary out there

We had some rain last night and it has iced things up a bit but I am still confident we will have another good weekend coming up which will be 5 in a row. There is snow predicted for us but I would watch for icy spots in the trails when you are out there right now. I was here late last night till after 11 and it was still 34 degrees when I left here. For monday presidents day there were a large amount of riders around for a monday and trails were still all good. That might have changed some now this morning. For the third day in a row yesterday I had the campfire going so that was nice. The snow twister family which you will see in my next video was out riding again on their to 1975 snow twisters. They rode about 150 miles in the 2 days they left out of here….There were reports in the news yesterday of 3 michigan snowmobile deaths this past weekend and I saw that the DNR finally got their page online for this season. It is currently showing 7 but the 3 arent on there and I still think there are another couple that arent yet …here is the link¬† http://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/1-29-13_update_Snowmobile_Fatals_2012-2013_409840_7.pdf¬†Thanks for checking in. Pete


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