A little bit of white

Well here we are up to Dec 6 and we had a little bit of white fall on us over night. Well the weather says we are in a winter advisory mode we only have a slight dusting of lake effect snow on the ground. The pic below was at the trail head parking lot just west of Grayling from this morning. We are still a long ways off from any riding around here. Weather is calling for more snow north of us. So far I am not aware of any riding anywhere. I am keeping an ear out and will keep waiting on the real snow to hit us. Well the lake effect looks nice it takes an awful lot to add up to anything. With all the rain and wind we had in the past couple of days if it would have been cold enough we would have 3 feet now….but our luck just isn’t that good. Also for any of you that may be¬†wanting to leave your sleds up north I have one storage unit that is big enough for 2 sleds available. Its a 10 x 12 unit. Still lots of room for outside trailer parking in our fenced and secure Sledheads Storage area too.¬†Thanks for checking in. Petetrail

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