A great way to start out spring

Sorry I am so late today, been at c/21 office all morning for our weekly meeting….so Wow what a ride yesterday, 166 miles of incredible trails. The greatness starts at the west blue bear parking lot out by Dingmans and continued on for a long long ways. Perfectly flat and nicely groomed trails from m 72 all the way to starvation lake, I was the first one on the trail to mancelona with 8 to 10 inches of fresh snow on it and then on to elmira, thru the jordan valley loop, over to deadmans hill, on to Larrys, and on to Petoskey. That was my first ride ever to Petoskey and while it was a great ride and smooth traill the trail ends at the Miejer gas station or the Casino and then you have to turn and go back which I did and went on to Wolverine.  From there to gaylord the trail was a bit ripply over perfectly flat like everything else had been but not horrible. From Gaylord to Frederic perfectly flat. While out there I passed the jordan valley groomer and I know Kalkaska and Petoskey are still running too so that is great. The best trails are to the north and the west of frederic just like where I rode. The grayling groomer is not running and while the trails here are ripply if I were you I would definetly start out by the far parking lot on 72. We just havent had the snow over this way that they have had fall to the west. There are sleds over at the swamp right now and I wouldnt expect a busy weekend here but I know people are planning on coming and I see no problem with riding around here at least thru saturday. Depending on the temps they might make it north and west of here another week……So thats the best I can tell you for now. Here are some pictures from yesterday along with a video I made yesterday, certainly not my best video but it gives you a good idea. Also at the end of the video is an eagle that was setting on a tree a couple miles south of here right on 27. That was neat to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or3woWdjw8w  I just got off the phone with Keith and he said he is going to fire up both groomers and take a pass around the grayling trails but not south of grayling…..so that should be nice  thanks for checking in. Pete

101_2066 101_2067 101_2068 101_2069 101_2070 101_2071 101_2072 101_2073

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