A great saturday morning in Frederic

I got here right at 9 and its been steady riders and people in since then which I kind of like, I finally got enough of a break to go out and try and light the fire. trails are great and I know grayling groomed all of theirs yesterday and last night. Motels arent packed but the people that are here are glad that they are, Days Inn this morning was 9 trailers and 19 at the ramada. A huge thank you once again to Tom & Deb Rawlins who just brought me in a fresh load of Zeus Coneys from Lansing…I bow to them……another new first this morning was 2 ladies came in with their cross country ski boots and the one older one couldnt get her shoes on so I helped her along. They are going skiing over at hartwick pines. I told them that was a first with skiers in here and the ladie I helped put her ski boots on said her birthday is tommorow and that also its her birthday…she is going to be 83…..so that was pretty cool.. Last night dinner at the frederic inn and then on to the ole barn for some rock n roll….not to many people out and Cathy and I were just getting ready for our next week event….Thanks for checking in. Pete

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