A great day for a ride

Its a great day for a ride with it being 34 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday morning. Its a comfy 21 degrees out there and I am hyped and ready to ride this morning. I am meeting Jim at sledheads and we are loading my sled in his trailer and heading for cheboygan and off to Bois Blanc Island. You have heard about the ice cover on the great lakes and the other day I saw a picture that a guy on the island took of a group of people that were walking under the mackinaw bridge, I dont know how far they went out there but he said the ice cutter had gone thru just 2 hours before that. That would seem pretty scary to me. The ships are still going thru there most every day. I sure dont know how they can keep moving. There was only a couple sleds that stopped in at sledheads yesteraday and I never got to go for a ride as I went down to houghton lake to pick up a new rental sled. So this is short this morning as I have to go ride. Also we passed the 800.000 mark yesterday That is great and thank you everyone for reading my ramblings but once again its wierd. I actually had  5 different people email me last night that showed their counter at the 800,000 mark. The first one though was Will and he gets the sweatshirt and certificate to Spikes. Sorry I havent had time yet to answer the emails from the other ones that wrote but I will. I know Matt Lavoy is going to be bummed and probably throw pumpkins at my place but I will do something for them. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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