A Frederican Saturday Morning

Its a cloudy 26 degree Frederican Saturday Morning. Many sleds thru already for only being 9:30. Trailer counts this morning were 37 at the Ramada and 4 at the Days Inn. No new snow overnight but it looks like we are supposed to get some most everyday for the next week. If that really happens that would be great. I finally got caught up last night on the Darkside Adventures ride. I read thru all their updates and pictures and it still makes me wish I was with those guys. Here is a link to their story Darkside Adventures Frost Bytes    I was graced here in Sledheads yesterday for a visit from the mountain man who stopped in to get a belt and some oil for his sled. He is still camped out in the woods and he looks like he has been eating pretty good. Below is  a picture of us. I tried to get him to model the giant sledheads panties that I just got in but he wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He just doesn’t look like the mountain man should anymore since he lost all his furs and antlers in his trailer fire a couple years ago. That’s about it for this morning. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_0129 IMG_0130

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