A cloudy morning in frederic

Its 28 degrees this morning in downtown Frederic, I stopped and looked at the trail crossing just north of the high school on the way up here and I could just barely see one set of sled tracks on it, there were plenty of truck tracks though. I also see one set of tracks across the street down in the ditch but there were none here in the driveway of Sledheads. So the wait is on to get us rolling on the trails. The weather was last night at 11 was saying 40s on Wednesday so that’s not good either. Well this snow that is on the ground may help us get started a day in the 40s is gonna hurt. A couple notes I found here on my desk that I have been meaning to mention, last week Roger from Amherstberg (in canadia) called in to see how things are coming along , he is a regular caller and he said himself and Randy and Rocky from Amherstberg are always checking in on here. Then there was Bill Simmons from Wadsworth Ohio who stopped in here in the past couple weeks, he caught me in my very natural form that I am in most of the time, I was taking a nap and sound asleep in my chair here in my office. I think that week there was someone else that caught me doing that too. Sometimes its just to warm and comfy in here and its nice and quiet so I throw my feet up on my desk and catch a good snooze. So that’s about it for now, back to good old Frederic away from the blowing horns and thousands of people and long traffic lights and slow traffic of the big city. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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