A chance of snow?

From what I hear there is a chance of 1 to 3 inches of new snow for the Fredreic area and in looking at the weather forcast there isn’t much more predicted. At least it has been cold the past few days but conditions are still poor in our area. It pains me to say that. That’s the best I can say about riding in our area from where I am at. On the other hand we had an incredible day of riding yesterday in. We started out in Lead which is only about 4 miles up the mountain from Deadwood. Leaving about 8 am we headed up into countless fields, meadows and hills. Stuck to many times to count which was very tough to get out of those spots and that was quite the workout. We rode out to Spearfish Canyon Lodge for lunch and then headed back in thru other trails. There are 350 miles of trails here all groomed and nice and flat. They groom 24/7 by paid groomer drivers unlike Michigan where they are all volunteer. The trails were perfect but when you stepped off or went up a hill or field and got stuck it would be 3 feet deep. Top that with the fact that most of the afternoon I rode with no jacket or gloves as it was about 65 degrees out.  We got back about 8 p.m. after a picture perfect 120 miles of quality riding….I am very sore this morning. Also there is a snow cross race here in Deadwood this weekend. The semi trucks have been rolling by my hotel window all morning and being on the second floor it is easy to spot them. We are going down to the grounds to check things out later on. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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