A beautiful morning at Lake Margrethe

Its a beautiful morning here at Lake Margrethe, I woke up to the distant sound of shot gun blasts out on the lake. That means the duck hunters are having a good morning. Its been a few years since I have been out there with them. I need to change that. Nothing to new to report on snowmobiling in Frederic. The Novi snow show is coming up in two weeks and I am thinking I might go this year for the first time in I would guess about ten years. Most likely I will be there with Bob the Sticker King. I have still been working on my fencing project at Sledheads Storage. The end is almost here and I will be glad. Its been a huge project for me and I am proud to say I did it all myself. Working on getting the gate opener operating now and I look forward to getting that functioning properly. Each person that has access to storage will have their own code so I know who is going in and out. Last weeknd Cathy and I went up to Grand Marais with five other couples to ride side by sides. I have to say that was the most fun we have had in a long time. There were four machines and twelve riders. That is such a huge area up there and I really thought that Friday night we were going to spend the night in the woods. I was already thinking about how we were all going to have to huddle around a fire. The good thing was that with twelve people we could gather a lot of wood in a hurry. According to my gps it was close to dark and we had just gone around in one huge circle, and now two machines were almost on empty and we had no idea where we were. Then we came across a bear hunter out dragging the trails and he said we were about 20 miles from Pine Stump Junction which was the closest gas and only open till ten. It was about 8:30 then. We headed off for pine stump and of course on the way there my buddy Bob ran out of gas in his machine. Knowing we had to keep heading for gas we left him with Dave to start pulling him towards gas so we could at least hopefully keep the gas open. We made it to gas at 9:45 and I was just getting a can from someone to take gas back when I could see the lights of the tow machine coming. Nick ran out of gas as he was coming up to the pumps. So after a pizza or two we headed off back towards Grand Marais and made it back to the lodge about midnight. We were all happy to get back and then do it all over again on Saturday. Saturday was much colder and wetter but still a lot of fun. We rode to Seney and that was an all day adventure. All in all a fantastic two days of riding. If you want to stay in Grand Marais this winter and have a good group of people I would highly recommend Sunset Cabins about a mile and a half east of downtown. A very very nice lodge with 6 bedroom and 3 bathrooms, Just look them up. On sunday when we left Cathy and I took the rode along Lake Superior to Munising and then back to Seney. Colors couldn’t have been better. O.k. enough rambling for now I need to go do some fence projects. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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