900,000 hits and they are still riding in Frederic

Congratulations to Chris McCallister of Sand Creek who was the 900,000th hit on my website. He emailed me yesterday and chose the option of a shirt from California so I am going to get him one of those today. On the other hand I had messages from both Dave Klemish and Kevin Szalewicz who were both riding around the Frederic area yesterday. Kevin said It was there for the taking today.  Pics are today  (Saturday)  on the Blue Bear. Very light traffic. Two tracks and pipelines were awesome. Daves pics are from Saturday too they rode towards alba and lakes of the north with 75% of their riding on the state trails but they did find snow deep enough to get stuck 3 times, Dave was riding with Audra and Carter his son. The pics with the arctic cats are Kevins and the rest are Daves pics. Sure makes me jealous. So I will paste the pics below here, We are still in Beaumont today where we have visited for a couple days with the Morningstar sisters. Hoping to spend the rest of the day by the pool. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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