500,000 th Hit is in………

Well we have passed the 500,000 mark since last September and John Willette who has a cabin in grayling was the first one in at 9:54 this morning showing the big count…and then at 10:05 in came Chris Horn also showing the 500k mark…..I sure don’t understand that counter deal as how can more than one person hit that same number, but in any case John is the clear winner being first in the time stamp, however seeing that he already has a place in grayling he decided to pass the room on to Chris, so Chris gets the room and John is getting Sledheads sweat shirts…and a 2 for one card at Spikes for a spikeburger…..So thanks everyone for reading and checking in. This coming weekend is the ST Ignace car show and I am heading up there with the camper and my girls for a weekend of hanging out. I will be downtown on Saturday on and off with my chubby buddy Bob the Sticker King helping him out some, so stop in and say hi and if you stop and I am not there just call him Pete as people mix us up some time…..heck in fact I will put a link here to a video of him and I from a few years ago showing our similarities…here is a link to the video¬† http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9G01SM_5oQ¬† Hope everyone has a great weekend and hope to see you across the big bridge…Thanks for checking in. Pete

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