5 months to go……

Actually less than 5 months to go until the new sled season starts. So whats it going to be this year. Will we have snow or will global warming once again disappoint us. This will be year 21 for Sledheads and I have to say that we have had way more winters with less than desireable conditions than we have had great riding conditions. We just have to take what we can get. Frederic has been buzzing busy this weekend with a lot of people up north for the fourth of July weekend. Summer has been slow on us this season with cool temps. I still have not even had my pontoon in the water but am hoping to do that maybe today or for sure on the fourth. The lake has been rough most of the time and way to cool to be out there. Luckily I have had one nice river float so far. Last Saturday was the Frederic music festival which had its best band line up and crowd ever, but unfortunately mother nature wasn’t about to let things go smoothly. About 5 the torrential downpour started and continued for about 2 hours. By then everything was to wet to let the bands play and plug back in so that was it, BUT seeing that we already had 4 camps set up in the Sledheads parking lot many people came over and we ended up having a great time there. A great campfire and music and a lot of friend made for a great time. I am sure many of you saw the video I put on late night on the Sledheads facebook page. I am to old to stay up till 3 but it sure was fun. After the rain quit about 7 it cleared up really nice and then the most incredible rainbow appeared over Frederic. So next year I think we can have more camps at the shop and they will have good weather for the music festival. A great little event for a little town. Pictures below are from last weekend except for the Century 21 pic. My daughter went to Tokyo last week and that was the first pic she sent me which I thought was pretty cool even though I cant read it. So I said if you are in Tokyo looking for real estate call that number otherwise in Frederic just call me……Yesterday Cathy & I attended the funeral of a true war hero. Mr Harvey Rowland who was a great man and friend to all in Grayling. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor and flew 35 missions with his first one being D Day at Normandy. Here is a link to a story that the news did about him last year. Harvey Rowland reflects on Pearl Harbor   Thank you for your service Harvey & Happy fourth of July to everyone and Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_5978 IMG_5981 IMG_5983 IMG_5986 IMG_5987 FullSizeRender IMG_5964 IMG_5971 IMG_5972 IMG_5980

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