41 degrees in downtown Frederic

Its up to 41 degrees in downtown Frederic. Still snow on the ground but as I keep saying its heading out soon. I had two guys stop in yesterday on their way home from Grand Marais. They had rode the 8s trails the day before and said things were still good up there even though they didn’t see any other sleds. They were on their way back home to Logansport Indiana. They were talking about taking a ride around here and they almost got me out the door but I sat tight in here yesterday. I also talked to Patty in Strongs at the Clarke Motel and she said Andy was heading out for a ride yesterday too. I never saw any sleds yesterday but as I left about 5:30 I did hear one off in the distance. So todays pictures come courtesy of the guys from Ohio that I ran into at the gas station here in Frederic on Saturday morning. The pictures are pretty self explanatory. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_4316 IMG_4318 IMG_4329sledheadsusa color


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