4 more weekends to go till the season is over

Four more weekends to go till the season is over. Will mother nature let us pull it off? I sure hope so. It was a nice minus 26 degrees again this morning about 7 a.m. Its nice and sunny and up to ten about noon here. Only 2 sleds in so far today and I still am surprised at the lack of sleds around yesterday. But for those out there that are riding things are still picture perfect. It seems like I say the same thing everyday. In seventeen years of writing this I haven’t been able to do that. So I have a few pics for you this morning, one of the weather thingy on my phone and one of a little future junior rider modeling his new sledheads shirt and one thing I have never seen before. I saw this guy with an arctic cat at the gas station this morning with a winch on his sled. He was ready for anything because he had his wife with him and he said he hadn’t used it yet but figured he would have to. Thanks for checking in. Pete

little sledhead photo (1) photo (2)

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