37 and sunny

Its 37 and Sunny in downtown Frederic on Wednesday afternoon about 2:30, I wasn’t expecting to be gone as long as I was but have been in Gaylord with Cathy. Drove up Old 27 to see what the trail looks like and I can say it isn’t pretty, and that was about 10:30 when it was still 25 out. Now with this bright sun and temp it can only be worse. After sunday its supposed to turn cold with snow so it now looks like this coming weekend will be a waste unless the weatherman is wrong. You get the jist of this story. I guess it makes sense that the season started out slow with snowmobile fatalities but then I guess it should have cause we had no snow. So now the death count is at 2 with a story sent to me last night that happened up on the Keewanaw by Copper City. http://uppermichiganssource.com/news/local/one-dead-after-snowmobile-crash-in-calumet-township   I also had a call yesterday from someone that knew the young man killed in the local crash. How many times have you done it, start up your sled and run it around the yard or up and down the drive without a helmet. In this case that was what happened, not that its an excuse as the rider ended up dead, a stuck throttle and an injury severe enough that a helmet would not have helped anyways. They just wanted me to know the rest of the story. Please Be Careful and Please Ride Safely Thanks for checking in. Pete

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