33 degrees and not what we want to see

Its 33 out right now and supposed to go higher yet today, not what we need or want. The only good thing that may come out of this is it might help out our base if we don’t end up losing it all. The temps are supposed to get back to the teens after tomorrow. All we can do is hope for the best. There were a lot of riders here yesterday and even more around today. I did the motel survey in grayling this morning and there were 22 trailers at the Days Inn and 25 at the Ramada. There never usually are that many trailers at the Days Inn but then found out that rates went up next door and rooms are almost half the cost at Days so it pays to shop, however I have been meaning to say for a while that if you want to come up the north end of grayling motels are all locally owned and would certainly appreciate your business too.There are 5 places out to the north, Pointe North, North Country , Woodland Motor Lodge, River Country, and of course Groomer Driver and owner Fay’s Motel, Give all of them a try next time you come north. Things have been steady in the shop here this morning. I am pasting a couple pics below of new trinkets I have in, pint glasses, can koozies and key chains.¬†Thanks for checking in. Pete

100_3503 100_3505 100_3504


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