300,000 views this season

Steve McPhail of Inidanapolis was the lucky 300,000th viewer on this page and the only one thank goodness to say he was the one. He said he is gonna be up in the next week or so to pick up his shirt. There is still the sign on a tree out there within 5 miles of Sledheads that is worth a shirt to someone. This year views are way up from the past years which is good. I wonder if its because of the snow or all of the extra radio exposure from q 100.3 with my radio updates running everyday several times. So in anycase the snow has flattened out and roads have got drier and we had about an inch of new snow overnight. Most of the snow was east and south of the top 3 counties. With the forcast I just listened to from the national weather service I think we will make it thru this weekend but the snow is starting to show wear with a darker color to it when it has been nice and white for the past 5 weeks. No big deal as its still way better than we have had any of the past seasons. Still it will be nice to see what it looks like tommorow morning. At least with the cold nights and below 30 temps that will get us thru this weekend. I am postings Steve McPhails pic of his computer screen below here and also tonight at 8 on true tv should be the repeat of the show that ran last wed night with my .5 second of fame in it….so watch for me there. Roger & Judy from Amhertburg Ontario just¬†stopped in to say hi. Roger always calls to check in with me to see how things are.¬†Thanks for checking in. Petefull throttle photo

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