29 with a skiff of new snow

Its 29 out this morning with just a skiff of new snow, that’s just enough to make it white but not enough to even make half an inch. I did hear a couple sleds in the distance yesterday and figured I would make it all day without even one customer in here and then at 3:45 a guy came in and became the only customer of the day. Darn I was going for a record. He had rode out to The Settings and said he saw two different groomers running over that way and said it wasn’t really that bad. He did say it was worse towards Frederic, Then in talking to him he said he had started in Gaylord and was on a rental sled. At least he was having fun. Weather shows a storm coming Thursday but I think it looks like its going to miss us. The picture today is from Jim Thelen who is in Kuai and checking the trail reports in Hawaii. I remember seeing snow in Hawaii when I was there up on the mountain tops, I wonder if there is any riding up there. He sent along this picture of the Hawaiin sunrise…..Aloha for now and thanks for checking in. Pete

hawaiin sunrise

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