28 degrees and to sunny

Its 28 degrees and to sunny outside. The winds blew and howled yesterday causing a lot of drifting. Overnight we had just a slight skiff of snow but not enough to amount to anything. Thursday was the busiest I have seen it with sleds all week but not enough to say a lot of sleds. Trailer counts this morning were low with 2 at the days inn and 5 at the ramada. The die hards will be out there this weekend but you just have to go with what we have. I am still getting reports of groomers up towards east Jordan and good trails up that way. On Wednesday night I was just about ready to leave and the Alabama boys showed up with 2 skis with the carbides worn right off of them. We got that situation taken care of and they were happy and on their way. It will be interesting to see how many riders actually come out this weekend and then of course is the new teaser of a new storm coming for Tuesday with 20 inches coming with it. I will believe that when I see it. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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