28 degrees and light snow

Its 28 degrees with light snow in the air, we only had a few flakes fall overnight to make it a little white. While the snow we had yesterday morning was a nice few inches we had a lot of rain on top of that. That made it real slushy and then overnight it has froze so its really rutty and hard. So still ultra poor conditions. On the other hand I don’t know why but I thought I would go thru the motel lots this morning and while the Jeeps have invaded the Ramada in Grayling again this weekend there were two trucks and sled trailers there. I don’t know what they are thinking but the Jeep guys should have a good time out there. I did talk to Patti up in Strongs at the Clarke Motel yesterday and she said they were getting a lot of snow. I might have to load up and head up there. Call her if you want a nice and very interesting place to stay.The deer are herded up heavy duty this past week and are out full force. I took the picture below this morning at my property but about half of them had scattered already before I got this picture. I know 3 different people that have hit deer this week. So we are still waiting on winter to come back to us again. Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_3898

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