27 and Sunny

Its sunny and 27 this morning in frederic, trail crossing I looked at are dirty at the road crossings but for the most part white looking down them. I really believe that its gonna be good for at least a few more days this week and I just got off the phone with CJ in Alabama and he is itching to come up for one more trip with the alabama boys. He was wondering about next week and I told him that is way to far out there but its no problem right now. Like I said before you just have to work at it a bit and I know there are alot of good trails out there. Ron called me earlier this morning too and he had been riding all weekend and he says its as good as its ever been….so anyways enough of me rambling on about that. I had a call from Keith from AVSA and he told me their groomers have not been out at all so when I said I saw a grayling groomer go by here the other day I guess  it must have been one of the gaylord groomers. I saw the John Deeere green tractor going by and I just assumed it was a grayling one…..So thats about it for now. Its a day by day thing right now. I would say too that if anyone wants to go out on a guided ride on wednesday give me a call, I know we can get a good ride in. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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