27 and calm out there

No new snow in frederic overnight but still cool. I talked to Chubby Roger this morning who rode pretty much the same route that I did the other day and he said it is still super riding to the north and west of frederic with still unbelieveable early winter type conditions. He said he passed 3 different groomers. I still stay with him and say that is your best bet for your best ride and leaving from the m 72 parking lot closest to dingmans and kalkaska is a pretty darn good guarantee for an excellent ride. I did check the motels this morning and it was a tie between the days inn and the ramada as they were both at zero. I think most everyone that I have seen here have just been coming for a day ride. There were 3 trucks and trailers out back here yesterday and I saw several trailers in town. You are better off to stay away from the bigger towns because the snow is lower by them. Next Darrin was just in here and he and his wife were in here last weekend and heading off for a ride. He just told me that after they left here they were heading off for starvation lake and that on a curve she missed and hit a tree doing 20, her leg bone was sticking out after being broken and he called 911 and they were there on the trail 2 hours plus until she was picked up by the helicpoter which she conviently hit the tree right next to where they had a spot for helicpoter landing. He is on his way over to the hospital to pick her up right now. And also now as of a couple nights ago the death count has climbed to 23 when a 51 year old woman died on her sled. Now here is an interesting fact, out of the 23 killed only on rider was in his 20s. No riders in their 30s. Only three in their 40s andĀ  the otherĀ 18 killed all in their 50s or 60s. and one that was 81…So all you old people out there like me watch what the heck is going on around you so you are safe. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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