21 Days left to the sled season

21 Days left of the sled season and right now its not looking to good. There were a few sleds out and about on Monday including 2 trucks and trailers that parked in my back lot here to go out and ride, also another couple that rode here double on an a single person arctic cat all the way from Lovells. Yesterday was way warmer than today but it is still in the 40s. I saw 49 for the high here yesterday and yes the snow is melting off the trails like crazy. If there is any riding to be had now its strictly off trail but hey this is Michigan and I would hope we will pick up a winter storm along the way sometime. I took pictures of several trail crossings this morning along with a picture of Lake Margrethe which would be really fun to ride on right now.  The pictures were along m 93 towards camp grayling, the m 72 parking lot 3 miles west of grayling and both crossings of trail seven north and south of the high school. We need to dump this warm weather with some snow chants. The Alabama boys said they will come back if we can make it snow some more. Thanks for checking in. Pete

M72 trail headtrail 7 south of GHS M 93Lake Margrethe tuestrail 7 north of GHS



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