2 to 4 inches of new snow

alabama boysWell thankfully the rain that was supposed to be yesterday never really snow but it was around 32 all night and I would say between grayling and Frederic we have had 2 to 4 inches of new wet heavy snow since yesterday, the weatherman was talking about 40s today but that might not really be all that bad as this heavy thick stuff if we don’t lose it all will freeze up and give us a nice starting base. I heard a couple of sleds buzzing around my house last night and talked to my friend that lives up by starvation lake and she said sleds were out and about around her place last night. So we are getting closer, one other thing is that you know we are close when the Alabama boys show up. This was their first trip up here for the season and they came in to say hi and get some carbides and said they just came to get their sleds ready. So mark down trip numberĀ  one for the Alabama boys…..So thanks for checking in. Pete



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