2 more long months to go

Only a little over 2 long months to go till the new sled season is upon us. The past week has been beautiful up north here and I think its going to start getting cooler now. Just to make us “think snow” I am posting a few pics below. Lisa, Rich & Dan just put up this pretty cool weather vane on their new snowmobile cabin. The two John Deere tractors are the Gaylord groomers, one of them being brand new and just waiting for the snow to come. Me on the other hand its time for me to get excited once more with opening day of bow season coming up this Thursday and its time for me to head out into the woods once again in search of the elusive buck known to me as Big Don…..I never seem to find him but I do enjoy my time in the woods. This past weekend was great for camping at my Camp Wildwood and for a first time ever out on Manistee Lake. That was nice. I pretty much have my fence project done down at my storage units but now just waiting on getting a gate opener so then the place is really nice and secure and now that I am talking about the fence it reminds me of the wild animal I trapped inside the fence while I was working on it. There is a picture of it below too. Scared the heck out of me peering thru the fence and growling at me. Luckily it escaped alive. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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