2 Greats, The US Army & HD

Its a beautiful morning here at Lake Margrethe, a little cool as it hit 39 last night but its going to be nice. Yesterday wasn’t so nice as a 2 minute storm blew thru Frederic, Cathy had been out on the riding mower cutting grass and the rain started up and she came into the shop already soaked, then the really hard winds and rain started, I really thought we were having a tornado, the wind was blowing the rain from the west like a firehose thru and under the front door and then the power flashed, I heard the big doors bellowing in the back room which made me thing tornado. Then as fast as it happened it was nice out again but not before taking a tree down on my rental house behind sledheads and ripping the power off the house and bending the mast on the sledheads building and several other trees and the fence next to the shop……there were 2 horsed over at the Swamp when the storm started and the people that owned them got them up on the front porch of the bar to try to get them out of the weather. Below is a picture I took behind the Frederic Inn the other day of 3 horses tied up while their riders had lunch. I have always said that the only thing we get thru Frederic in the summer is horses and Harleys. The national guard activity has been very heavy around grayling and Frederic the past couple weeks, at one point I saw about 40 apache helicopters lined up at the camp airfield. I don’t know the difference between a cobra, Blackhawk or apache but many of them were flying over Frederic recently. I was at the airfield yesterday and was lucky enough to get to ride my motorcycle up to one for a picture. To bad I couldn’t have got myself in the pic too. Now we are off to take my daughter Melissa to the airport as she is on here way to Germany for a couple week trip. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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