2 days to Go!!!

Well its a sunny cool morning here at the Comfort Inn in Orland Park but a mere 375 miles away in downtown Frederic it was seven below zero this morning, just what we like to see. Only a skiff of new snow overnight but the cold will definetly help firm things up. My guess is that a few people will actually try to ride on sunday but it really is not even close to being enough to ride, but that has never stopped people before and I can always sell them new slides and carbides. My girls were off shopping with their cousins late at night and this morning I am heading for my favorite gyros stand and then on to downtown to experience the big city, way bigger than Frederic.  From our room here I can count 6 different water towers around the area….gee we don’t even have one in Frederic. So thanks for checking in. Pete


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