19 degrees and snowing and blowing

Its a nice comfy 19 and light snowing and blowing in the air. Still very icy hard conditions and I wouldn’t expect to see anyone riding in this mess we have. My own opinion is that we will be lucky to get  a couple blasts of winter to get another ride in in our area but it will have to be done on the same day the snow gets here. It looks like its time to start heading for the u.p. which I am sure many will do. I talked to Patti & Andy at the Clarke Motel in Strongs yesterday and she said they had a 8 to 10 inches of new snow and things were pretty good. So give them a call if you want to try out their area, its only a little over an hour past the bridge, the number is 906-274-5541. Also on the weekend of the 12th is the annual Veterans ride in Seney at the Fox River Motel. I finally got to go to that last year and it was a lot of fun. They do a heck of a job putting that together. There were over 300 sleds in it last year and they break them up into groups so everyone is not together. For lunch they all come together at a cool lodge for a hot dog cook out and then after the ride is over at night the big dinner in Seney. A great time for a great cause. Below is a picture I received overnight from some regular Canadian readers from Belle River Ontario. They said they had a great ride in the Mio area this weekend and even made this Sledheads snowman. I think the snowman is thinking “where’s the snow eh?” I guess seeing that we are showing snowman pics today I made a snowman on sunday too. I stopped at a cemetery in Livonia to see an old friend and I have to say I have never gone into a cemetery with a shovel. There was snow all over the ground and I thought I knew where my friend Frank’s grave was. I was brushing snow out of the way and I can’t believe I found it but I did. Haley and I made him a little snowman…..So thanks for checking in. Pete


Where’s the snow Eh?


A mini snowman for my friend Frank Scott


My first time ever with a shovel in a Cemetery

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