19 degrees and cloudy

I got here to Frederic a couple hours ago, its now 19 and its dark out there. We had a couple inches of new lake effect overnight. There was almost a mist in the air too when I got here. Not sure how much the total snowfall is that we have had but I would guess at close to a foot so far. Sled traffic was light on Monday as it has been so far today. I did make a loop in my truck out to Luzerne, Lewiston, lovells and saw some sleds out that way and the snow was about the same. Everyone says that there is more snow north and west which is most generally the same story every year. I have to make a road trip to Flint this afternoon and I imagine I can find a couple coney places to stop at before I head back home. Keep up the snow chanting as it is looking like we should be setting good for the week between Christmas and new years. I have 3 new shirt designs that I will have done soon along with some other sledheads trinkets. Finally after all these years I will have real sledheads key chains, along with some cool beer glasses, sledheads lanyards and can koozies…..That’s it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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