18 degrees and way to sunny

It was a nice cold night with no new snow but its 18 right now and way more sun then I would like to see. Sleds have been around and I still believe its gonna be another good weekend of riding. There was  a lady in a while ago who is out looking for the sign for the night at the Ramada. Also I am gonna start another shirt give away from the way the counter looks it should be a couple weeks till we hit 300,00 on the counter so there will be only one sweatshirt given away and it will be to the first person that sends me the pic of their screen at 300,000….The viewer count is way up this year as its been around 250k the past few years and I would think by the end of march my guess is we should be 350k or more. Yesterday a guy who happens to be Toms brother, Bo dumped his 4 stroke over on the snow pile out back coming in from the alley, some dummy plowed snow there and left a nice hole for sleds to fall in…(that would be me). So we got him up and running but of course I did get video so thats coming in next weeks video. Also another big THANK YOU to Tom & Deb Rawlins for more Zues Coney Islands…..guess what I am having for lunch and then my daughter Melissa just texted me a picture from Ferris and they have foot longs for lunch today. And speaking of Melissa many of you donated to her study abroad trip to Germany trip last year which she had a great time on and Thank You to all that did. This summer she is going to Korea for 6 weeks to teach students english but luckily it is a completly covered trip by the school so that will be another great experience for her. Below this I will paste a link to the video clips from last week. Also my 2 seconds of fame from last night was about 1.5 seconds but they did have a good big shot of me in there. They filmed way more than that but it still was a great time. PIcs below are Bo’s on its side 4 stroke. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euIsOoftuRM   Thanks for checking in. Pete  the hard way to change carbides…or is it the easy way101_1866 101_1865

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