14 degrees in Frederic and light snow in the air

I have to say that I think we actually got more snow in grayling then we have up here in frederic. I would say we ahve had about 6 inches here and more like 10 in grayling. Still all good though. I didnt get a chance to do the motel survey this morning but I did see quite a few sleds at Fays Motel on the  north end of town. My friends Chubby Roger, Grayling Call and his wife Shelly are on their way here with their sleds and want to head towards the bridge and I am hoping to go with them. Today is our Haleys 13th Birthday and I have to be back in time for her birthday party. Also I need to send a shout out to John Oldani who today celebrates his 13th anniversary of living thru his horrific sled crash here in frederic. He was up in the hospital at the same time Haley was being born and I remember hearing that night that he had died. I am glad to say he is still with us and still riding. Please ride safely and thanks for checking in. Pete

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