13 degrees light snow

13 degrees and light snow in the air. Not really any new snow since yesterday so we are still about at 3 to 4 inches on top of the ice that is out there. For the heck of it this morning I drove thru the motel lots for the first time in about 3 weeks and as I figured, not one trailer anywhere. I actually did have 2 sleds ride into here yesterday. It was Steve and his wife and they had flown up here from Florida to ride. They pulled up out front and the pic below is of them. I had to move my truck and help him out of here as his carbides were stuck in the gravel and the track was on ice so he couldn’t move without a tug. So what does that tell you? Even though it looks nice and white out there its like lipstick on a pig. It makes it look better than it really is. So as I have been saying conditions are dangerous and here is a link to death that happened a couple days ago in the u.p.  Death on the Trail so is it really worth it to come home Dead? Thanks for checking in. Pete IMG_0963[1]


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