13 degrees and crunchy out there

Nice and cold this morning at 13 degrees here in downtown frederic but it is way to sunny. Sled traffic was slow around town yesterday and trailer counts this morning were 2 at the Days Inn and 8 at the Ramada. I must have been tired because at 8:35 Cathy asked me what time was I planning on being in frederic and I was still sleeping so I was  few minutes late but I dont think I missed much. Even the beagle stayed home as she just looked up at me and didnt get up when I told her to get in the truck. On another note the 2 of the Frederic ambulances and the rescue trailer were heading out on a call about an hour ago which isnt a good sign. One great thing about Frederic is that we really do have top notch professionals who respond to all emergency calls and they have the equipment to help whoever needs help. That reminds me too that last week I was told that there was a crash and the guys that were with the injured person raced back and got their truck and then loaded up the injured person to take him to the hospital. I was told you should never move someone who has been in a crash like that because you could cause more damage to them then they already have including death. Let the medical rescue take care of them. Only time will tell what will happen with our trails in the next week. I am still amazed at how the snow has held up for 2 weeks since the big storm. The trees are still snow covered and hanging low because it has stayed cold enough to melt off. I just ran across this news article this morning that I wanted to include in here so here is the link http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/01/05/6-russians-killed-in-snowmobile-crash-in-italy/   Thanks for checking in. Pete

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