12-12-12 (wish that was snow totals)

We had about 2 inches of new lake effect snow overnight and its about 20 out right now. There have been a few sleds out and about but it is still not really a good time to ride yet. I just got this info from my friend Jack at Skips Sport Shop as I am coming to you from my moms in Kzoo. The beagle and I made the road trip last night and stopped at Ferris for dinner with Melissa. It snowed pretty hard all the way down to past Big Rapids and then stopped. I will be here a couple days but still keep you up to date on what is going on in Grayling and Frederic. The grayling groomer was out yesterday but only to push trees out of the way that were down on the trails. The shop is not open until friday as I didnt think I was going to miss much business with the amount of snow we have. Just gonna spend some time with my mom, she wants to go to the flea market this morning so I am going to take her there…..Thanks for checking in. Pete

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