100,000th Viewer is in times six

Call it  a computer glitch or who knows what my counter is now at 100076 but I have had 6 people now that have sent in pics that have 100k on them, dont know what the deal is on that but I am going to honor all 6…but this is the cut off notice, David Hurd was the first one in at 100k at 12:49…..pretty wierd that there would be so many at the same time unless they all hit at the same time……more later, schools have closed in grayling and let out now and they are already closed for tommorow,,,still snowing good here in frederic……gotta pack up some free t shirts…….the radio station I have been listiening to the past few hours has been dead about 20 minutes now….unless its an early start on the end of the world….

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